Extra Large Fiber Artwork - EDA
$3,500 USD

Extra Large Fiber Artwork - EDA


Make A Statement With an Over-sized Fiber Art

There is something to be said for the simplicity of one large piece on the wall instead of several small ones. It gives a space some focus and peace in a cluttered life...

A single oversized fiber art is perfect to direct the energy of your room, without overwhelming the walls with a crowded clutter. It lets you anchor a room, grounding the space and centering visual interest on a single focal point- unable to be ignored. It says, “Look at me and pay homage…”

This modern macrame fiber art can be that focal point and anchor. It features geometric and intricate patterns combined with wonderfully soft Sheep Wool. This impressive wall decor is made with 100% natural, high quality twisted cotton cords capable of bringing balance to your interior. 

Adding depth, visual interest and pattern, this handmade and contemporary macrame wall art makes for the perfect statement piece. It's especially suitable for larger walls which are in need of an interior refresh.

  • Title: "EDA"
  • Designed and created by Fiber Artist Rianne Aarts
  • Completely Handmade (Made in Holland)
  • Using Natural Organic Cotton (EKO-tex)


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