Rianne Aarts

About the Artist

Rianne Aarts, born January 1991, is the owner and creator of Teddy and Wool. Having been a creative soul ever since a very young age, she lives and breathes creativity and always feels the need to create something beautiful. She learned to appreciate textile art after studying at the Art Academy Minerva, by creating small macramé pieces in her spare time. Never knowing what her little hobby would grow into, she decided to study law and graduated from the University of Groningen in 2016. She has however made a conscious decision to follow her true passion and to continue with her work as a fiber artist under the high-end label Teddy and Wool. Now owning a successful art studio she has been commissioned to create unique and captivating fiber art by private clients and large brands such as Google, Starbucks, Hilton Hotels and Majé.

Living together with Thomas (husband) and Jonathan, Thom and Stan (her little bundles of joy), Rianne Aarts feels blessed to be able to do the things she loves most - being a mother and an artist.

About her work

Rianne’s dreamy macramé creations blur the line between bohemian simplicity and polished elegance. From large-scale wall hangings to petite plant holders, the Netherlands-based artist, presents a contemporary twist on the classic craft. Teddy and Wool's distinctively geometric macramé collection is as diverse as it is beautiful. Unlike knit or woven textiles, macramé is fabricated by meticulously knotting cords into intricate patterns, resulting in exquisitely detailed designs and a lovingly handmade aesthetic. Her breathtaking tapestries offer a creative alternative to typical wall décor, and bring a modern touch of personality to any room. Though some of her pieces simply retain the cotton cords’ neutral and natural tones, many are dip-dyed with either bright or subtle colors. All her Fiber Art is created using a wide variety of natural materials, like (handspun) wool, 100% natural cotton cords and other natural fibers. The uses of her works vary mainly from home decor, to event decoration, shop displays, and high-end interiors. 

- Kelly Richman-Abdou (My Modern Met) 


Teddy and Wool wouldn't be where it is now, without the help of my amazing creative assistants. Come and meet the team:

Meet the team

Diliana Jaarsma

Introducing Diliana, my new colleague and assistant. With a background in interior design, a love for photography and video, and a current project in writing her own cooking book, Diliana adds a dynamic touch to our team. Her warm presence, creative spirit and her hands-on approach (cultivated after working in the hospitality industry for 7 years), make her a super valuable creative assistant.

Apart from her love for creating things, there's one thing she loves even more, and that's her husband Peter.

Meet the team

Cleo Veldman

Meet Cleo, our multi-talented and dynamic creative assistant. Alongside her role with us, Cleo is a highly accomplished visual artist, holding a Masters in MAD-tech from the Frank Mohr Institute. Her distinctive perspective and limitless creativity are invaluable assets to our team as we take on diverse projects.

In her own time Cleo passionately immerses herself in the creation of masked characters, using a wide range of media such as installation, video, and photography to bring her visions to life.

Meet the team

Ruth Kohlmann

Say hello to Ruth, a talented creative assistant at Teddy and Wool. In addition to her work in the studio, she dedicates her time as a part-time youth guidance counselor. Ruth's hands are always busy, whether she's painting, drawing or sculpting, she absolutely thrives on taking on creative challenges.

But her most precious creations? That would be her two sons; Ziggy and Nevin.