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Vegan Textile Art - 'KIM'


Add an element of tranquility to your surroundings

This unique Textile Art, titled 'Kim', is the first piece in my #VEGAN collection. It's made with high quality vegan & plant fibers like bamboo, hemp and flax, woven intricately through the textiles. Color-wise this Fiber Art features a wonderful variety of neutral shades, mixed in with a hand-dyed terracotta bamboo at the bottom, giving the piece a wonderful silky glance and radiating a certain sense of tranquility.

  • Title: 'KIM' (2021)
  • Designed and created by Fiber Artist Rianne Aarts
  • Completely Handmade (Made in Holland)
  • Using Natural Organic Cotton (EKO-tex), Vegan Fibers and Eco-friendly dyes

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