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Organic Collection - SUNSET wall hanging

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Every room needs that focal point.

A well thought out design element like this handmade macrame wall hanging will immediately draw the eye to the place and give the viewer a feeling of what to expect. Adding color and textures is a great way to give your interior a quick and easy refresh without having to do a complete make-over. While rough textures are more inclined to make a room feel cozy and grounded, smooth textures bring a sleeker tone into the room.

This macrame wall hanging actually brings the best of both worlds and that's what makes this piece so fascinating. The fringes are carefully dyed in a perfectly balanced mix of yellow and darker shades of orange, almost dancing along the horizon, hovering above a deep blue ocean.

Commission this handmade statement piece and add a focal point to your room full of warmth, texture and colors.

  • Title: 'SUNSET
  • Designed and created by Fiber Artist Rianne Aarts
  • Completely Handmade-to-order (Made in Holland)
  • Using Natural Organic Cotton (EKO-tex) and Eco-friendly dyes

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