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Macrame Fiber Art - "Mountain Peaks"

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Texture will make a room 'pop'

You know how sometimes you can just look at a room and feel like something's missing? All the components of a complete design are there – color scheme, furniture, décor items – but the entire room just comes across a little flat and bland. If this feels familiar, you are not alone and fiber art might bring you what you need: texture.

Texture often seems to be an afterthought when it comes to interiors, while it is texture that makes a room pop. Like spices bring flavor to a dish, textures bring warmth and interest to a room - lifting a fine design up to enviable levels.

This beautiful, handmade wall hanger has all the texture you'd ever need - bringing color and warmth to any space .Designed by Fiber Artist Rianne Aarts, this contemporary piece features a beautiful abstract mountain landscape.

  • Title: 'Mountain Peaks'
  • Designed and created by Fiber Artist Rianne Aarts
  • Completely Handmade (Made in Holland)
  • Using Natural Organic Cotton (EKO-tex) and Eco-friendly dyes

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