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Bohemian Wall Hanging - "ISA"

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Warmth & color are key in creating an inviting, comfortable space

It's amazing to see what color and texture can do to elevate a room to its full design potential. A patterned wall hanging like this can take a space from appearing one-dimensional and cold to feeling warm, welcoming and full of depth. This modern geometric wall hanging will add warmth and color to your home, which is key to creating an inviting and comfortable space where you enjoy spending time. 

The "ISA" macramé wall hanging comes in 3 different sizes and features a lovely modern geometric design. Using a specialized dip-dyeing technique, a gorgeous gradient dye is carefully added to the fringes of the tapestry.

  • Designed and created by Fiber Artist Rianne Aarts
  • Completely Handmade (Made in Holland)
  • Using Natural Organic Cotton (EKO-tex) and Eco-friendly dyes


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