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Fiber artwork - AURORA

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Bring that mystical beauty into your home with this gorgeous "Aurora" macrame wall hanging! This piece is named after “Aurora”, the Roman Goddess of dawn. Her name means dawn, daybreak or Sunrise and she is the personification of the first light of day. Her energy therefore represents renewal and the new hope that each day brings.

This beautiful fiber artwork features a rich design consisting of a blush-pink, gold-beige, lavender and violet ombré, mimicking the the first light of day and creating a calm, majestic atmosphere. Meticulously crafted with cotton rope and dip-dyed in breathtaking colors, you are sure to fall in love with this stunning piece.

● D I M E N S I O N S (Dowel width x Macrame height)
S: 12" x 16.5" ( 32 cm x 42 cm )
M: 20" x 25" ( 50 cm x 65 cm )
L: 28" x 33.5" ( 71 cm x 85 cm )
XL: 34" x 47" ( 86 cm x 120 cm )
XXL: 46" x 53.5" (117 cm x 136 cm)
3XL: 58" x 60" (147 cm x 152.5 cm )
* These are the measurements without the hanging-string.
** Because of the weight sizes XL and up come with mounting brackets.

● H A R D W A R E
The dowel for your piece will be made with high quality oak wood and is treated with a natural oil to protect the wood. The larger pieces (XL and up) also have invisible mounting brackets at the rear side of the rod, to insure a stable and steady fixation to the wall and to hide any screws. This gives the art work a sort of ‘floating’ look, which looks great!

● S H I P P I N G
- Shipping is free (2 working days with UPS)
- Completely handmade & Made to order
- Lead time is roughly 2 weeks