Contemporary fiber art


My name is Rianne Aarts and I'm the owner and artist behind high-end Fiber Art label Teddy and Wool. Starting 2016, I've been designing and creating handmade Fiber Art for private clients, design professionals and businesses.

Since then Teddy and Wool has grown into a full service studio, offering a diverse portfolio of Textile Art styles and custom & bespoke art completely tailored to your every interior need.

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"Let me help you bring balance into your home"

Experience the calm, relaxation and tranquility that natural fiber wall hangings bring to your home, and add comfort and warmth to any room. As an artist, my passion is create art that helps you create your dream interior - so that you can finally say no to plain white walls and open yourself up to texture, color and traditional art.

With our selection of genuine, handmade-with-love wall art, you'll be able to transform your interior instantly and bring balance back into your home.

What is it?

Fiber Art / Textile Art / Macrame

Macrame art is a traditional weaving technique that can add a soft and comforting texture to a room. Helping you to become grounded and closer to nature, this therapeutic weaving technique can help to reduce tension, anxiety and stress. Since your environment reflects and impacts your energy, a cold and minimal design can often make you feel uneasy and irritated. A messy and cluttered room can trigger anxiety and increase stress levels. But a soft, structured and creative space can promote mental clarity, positive energy and allow you to relax. 


A multi-sensory experience, you can feel each strand and enjoy the intricate design of a macrame piece of art on your wall. Each knot I weave has a purpose, and helps to strengthen the final design and that’s what is so beautiful about macrame wall hangings. They can carry a sentimental meaning, bring back fond memories of travel while also supporting a traditional form of art. 



Art you want on your wall forever

"We were beyond pleased with our one of a kind piece from Teddy and Wool! Rianne created this beauty after looking at a picture I sent and it is just perfect! If you’re looking for a piece of art that you’ll want on your wall forever, this is the place to shop! Thank you again! ❤️"



Looking for a more personal piece, completely tailored to your wishes and interior?

Here’s how to commission your own custom macrame wall hanging!


5 Simple Steps

1: Choose your space and measure the width and height of your ideal wall hanging.

2: Request a custom order from me and send me your ideas and requests.

3: I’ll create a mock up design and wait for your approval.

4: Give me the go ahead and you’ll have a commissioned piece within in just a few weeks with free worldwide shipping.

5: Install in minutes thanks to our easy mounting hardware features.

SHOWCASE your Personality

Here’s a quick rundown of wall décor ideas to personalize your interior:

Add an Accent Wall

Nothing can be better than adding an everlasting statement to drywall using your creativity. Consider using a bold and vibrant set of colors to make an accent wall. Alternatively, you can also use PVC wallpaper with beautiful patterns. Moreover, you can make it even better by adding a similar design to the ceiling. If you have a small space, the decorative accent will look even better.

Adopt Large Scale Art

An oversized wall painting can act as a center of attraction for your small space. Whether you like vibrant abstract art or a retro black-and-white photo, it will greatly express your personality and taste. Furthermore, you can also pair it up with an attractive wallpaper or some greenery. This will definitely provide a complementary look to your dull wall.

Showcase Tapestries and Fabric

A tapestry can add texture and a great sense of calmness to space. Tapestries and wall hangings are rich in color and patterns. Also, it’s pretty easy to set up these tapestries in comparison to paintings and wall art.

Make a Gallery Wall

Cherish your old memories with a collection of framed photographs on your wall. A gallery wall will certainly take you to a nostalgia trip. It looks great on a white wall and allows you to add personalization to your space.